Stroud in Bloom

MAY 2017

We are now well into 2017, spring has sprung showcasing many areas at their best.   We had an extremely dry period which lasted several months but eventually changed and gave us all some much welcome rain, followed by a heatwave  and now we have more rain!  The great British weather at its best! 

We are now preparing for the RHS judges to visit us on 11 July so we can show off this lovely diverse place that we call home - Stroud.  A lot of work and preparation needs to be done including weeding, particularly around the top of the town and Merrywalks area.   Planting; all of the Stroud in Bloom containers and other containers around the town will replanted by the end of May/beginning of June so they have time to bed in and settle hopefully in this warmer weather so they flourish and grow.  During their visit the judges will visit Stratford Park, a local primary school, a residential care home, a ‘Green Space’, an allotment area as well as walking around the town so they get a good insight into different areas of Stroud.

But it’s not all about flowers and weeding; before they leave the judges are given a 40 page portfolio which covers an entire year showing all that happens in Stroud when the judges are not around including local events such as the fringe festival, potato day and much more!  It includes information about our heritage, how we look after our town in terms of caring for street furniture, signage etc, how we deal with our recycling and what we do to protect the environment around us and care for wildlife.  All of this goes towards the points we are awarded overall and denotes any award that may be made.

The shop window competition entry forms are being circulated with a different format this year.   The winner will be notified within a few days of judging and the trophy will be presented at the premises with the press present and certificates will be given to all entrants.  Hopefully this will generate publicity for both the shop and Stroud in Bloom.

We have been working hard ‘behind the scenes’ for some time already this year.  The bank at the top of Cornhill is being cleared and replanted, a herculean task but very necessary.  Work parties have been held at the patient’s garden in Stroud Hospital, a peaceful oasis which both patients and staff enjoy and many other areas have been tidied and planted. 

We also liaise closely with Stroud District Council, Stroud Town Council and many other like minded organisations such as Stroud Valley Project, Stroud Festival of Nature who all are involved in making Stroud a lovely place to visit, work and live in.  If you would like to become involved as a volunteer with Stroud in Bloom please email or visit/phone Stroud Town Council who will give you more information.

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